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22 June 2002 - 4:04 pm

Well, it happened. A friend of mine found out about my diaryland page, and found out that he had an entry dedicated aaaaaall to him. Big drama. But he hasn't even read the entry. His roommate (they're not "together") read it and told him that it was tastefully done. It didn't broadcast his full name. It didn't even go into detail. And it was kinda cute.

He was upset because it was a moment shared between two people. Something touching that happened between two very close friends, that shouldn't be shared with the world. I agree. And I kept that part of the story to myself, and didn't put it in the entry. There's more that happened, but that's something that won't be shared with anyone. That was just between us.

I had talked to him after that conversation, and asked him if he was serious. Was he interested in trying again? And he told me he wasn't, and that he shouldn't have said what he did. Which led me to believe that what I put in my diaryland entry wasn't a "moment shared between two people." It was something that should never have been said. But I needed to get it off my chest.

It seems like I'm trying to make excuses now. Maybe. Maybe I'm hoping he'll read this and understand. Part of me wants to tell him, "This is how I feel. Sorry if you don't agree with what I did. Deal with it." Part of me wants run over to him, and make him understand my viewpoint. I don't like him being mad at me.

Yeah, I know. WHOOOSH.


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