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16 November 2002 - 6:17 pm

So Fuzzy moved in with BFRE. I'd say she dumped me, but "we're not 'together'." Anyway, I go over to her place the other night and there's pics of BFRE, and one of them is him when he's a teenager, and he's got big dorky hair, and a big dorky grin, and he's stick-thin and kinda geeky looking. So I look at this other pic of him, and he's much older, and a whole bunch sexier. GRR. So I ask Fuzzy, "How did he go from this - to this?" We were both puzzled. Then it hit me ... he got laid. He got laid, and he quit being a dork and started being cool.

The only thing that can take a man from King Dork of the Universe to Rico Suave is pussy.


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