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12 September 2004 - 1:40 pm

So it's Friday night. Chewie's mom and mY fAvOrItE aSiAn LeSbIaN come over and say, "So which titty-bar is all nude and has booze?" And as a homosexual male I tried finding reasons why I should care. They supplied them for me: "They have naked men, too."

Palomino Club
1848 N. Las Vegas Blvd.
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

So we make our way to the club and find out that Chris has connections. The owner loves her (and her new haircut), so we get in for free and never have to pay for a drink. We got a tour around the entire place, including VIP areas. Once we were on our own, we were even recognized as "Friends of Mr. H" ... though I think it had a lot to do with the new haircut. So we stared at boobies for a while. Then we went downstairs and waited for the peniseses so we could stare at those, too. The first few dancers were quite the surprise, for a few reasons.

1. They danced better than the women.
B. They weren't totally nude.
III. The outfits were wild. No, really. Wild. We're talking Gay Vampire Cowboys.

Once the place started filling up, the men finally got naked. Those were some impressive boys, letmetellyou. Then Chris got pulled up on stage and had a big black man rubbing his pouch in her face. Then he was flipping her around like a rag doll ... one second she's on her back, then she's spinning around and she's on her feet, then she's spinning around and he's holding her upside down and grinding into her face again. She hasn't had that much penis in her face since ... well ... I'm not allowed to talk about The Naked Times anymore, now that she's Snatchy Snatchengst-ccino. Anyway, we did so much screaming that I still sound like an old drag queen ("Grandmama, it's me, Anastasia.") two days later.
Then we went upstairs so the girls could look at boobies. And I pleased those strippers to no end. It'd probably been a while since anyone had had so much innocent fun with their boobies. I'd put a bill in my mouth, and they'd use their boobies to grab it, and I'd shake my head and go, "PPPPPPPPBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT!" A couple of them actually giggled. And my AzLez finally got to play with soft boobies. And see what a real hoodie-hoo is supposed to look like (Hello? Hello! Echo!).
But much fun was had by all and I didn't have a hangover!

And we're making plans to do this once a month. :D


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