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29 September 2002 - 7:06 pm

My brother and I are arguing. I have a dagger in my hand, and tell him that heíd better stop being a dick or Iíll cut him. He pulls out a knife, too, and starts waving it around. ďIíve got a knife, too, and Iíll cut you back.Ē I take my knife and draw it across he left thigh. A long cut opens up slowly, but it doesnít bleed. He puts his knife away and looks at me, pouting. ďI canít believe you cut me, fucker.Ē ďCímon, letís get you to the doctor.Ē We drive to the doctorís house and weíre told that heís bought a new house and heís got an office in that one. We drive to his new house and his wife answers the door. She tells us to walk thru to the back and wait in the lobby. She apologizes for the construction going on, and I offer to finish it for her while we wait. She declines. The doctor comes out and looks at my brotherís leg, then tells him that it may hurt a little. He tells the doc to do what he has to do. While heís sewing him back up, I take a look around and notice that there are 3 TVs in the wall by the door. Iím talking to the doc about his new building, and he tells me that itís even got transport capability to get to the airport in an emergency. I ask how that works, and he tells me to look out the window. I turn back to the wall with the TVs and theyíre now mounted above the windshield of a bus, and weíre on the freeway, going to the airport.

Now Iím driving around, watching a friend of mine shoot Sharon Stone up with heroin. She keeps yelling at him because heís doing it wrong. Heís supposed to put the needle in and inject the stuff till she starts screaming. She doesnít need to tie her arm Ö sheís been doing this long enough that all she has to do is grab her arm with the other hand and her vein pops up. So he slides the needle in, shoots the stuff, her head rolls back, and he slides the needle further into the vein until it comes out her arm again. She looks at him like heís got the intelligence of a retarded ant. He looks at her as if to say, ďHey. {shrug} You didnít scream.Ē So me and Sharon are driving around in my car, which happens to be an 18-wheeler, and weíre looking for something fun to do. Itís the middle of the night, and we find a rave going on. I park the truck and we walk over and Iím alone now. Everyone is sitting in folding chairs. No music. Nothing going on. Just sitting and talking. So I find a chair next to some friends from work, and we start joking around. I realize that as Iíve been talking to them, my right hand has been drawing on the pants of the lady behind me with a blue marker. I pull my hand back slowly. Maybe she wonít notice. I get up to go to my car, and some woman is yelling at me. I think itís the woman that I was drawing on but Iím not sure. Sheís telling me that itís only fair that she keys my car now. I tell her that Iím not going to tell her which car is mine. She watches me, waiting for me to go back to my car so she can key it. I sit on the grass and start reading a book. She gets pissed and starts in on me again, and finally I tell her that I own the little grey VW bug. She keys the car and then gets in her car and drives away. I go in search of my car, wondering how she could be so stupid. I canít find my car, which is weird, cuz itís the brightest blue youíve ever seen.

Iím driving around again and Iím on a date with Sharon, but now sheís not Sharon sheís my brotherís ex-girlfriend. We go over to her house and there are a whole group of guys sitting around her table. There are two seats open, one on the side of the table and one at the head of the table. She takes the one on the side, so I take the one at the head. Immediately all the guys start teasing me about sitting in the bosses seat. The boss is my dateís boyfriend, Lou. Someone takes pity on me and gets another chair. He brings in a throne and sets it at the head of the table, and I move my chair over to the side. All the guys get up and leave and Iím sitting at the table by myself. My date gets up and goes to take a shower. I put my head down on the table and look over to where we came in and the doorís gone. Iím wondering where the door went. I pick my head up and look over my shoulder and Lou is sitting there. He asks me whatís wrong, and I tell him that the doorís gone, but when I look again itís there and I had been asleep at the table and dreaming that I was back in the doctorís house when he was sewing up my brother. I get up and go walking thru the house. Now itís my grandmotherís house. I look at all the rooms that my mom and her brothers and sisters grew up in. I go into the bathroom and close the door and notice another door. I open it slowly and itís a bedroom. It looks like someoneís sleeping, and when I start to close the door, she rolls over and itís my cousin Jodi. I have seen her in years so I run over and give her a hug. I go outside and stare around. Iím in my old neighborhood. Itís a beautiful day Ö the beginning of Autumn, my favorite season. Itís cooled off a lot, but it isnít cold, yet. Iím admiring the partly cloudy sky and Lou comes out and stands next to me. Two motor boats come sliding down the road toward us. Theyíre stacked one on top of the other. I move back out of the way and the boats go by. They separate and the electrical cord from one of them almost gets Lou in the foot, but it misses him. We look at each other, and hear a noise from where the boats came from. I turn around and two boat trailers are sliding down the road toward us. Lou and I look at each other. I shrug. ďMakes sense to me,Ē I say. A huge yacht comes down the street next, but itís on wheels and someone is driving it. He pulls up to us and I ask, ďThose boats must be yours, huh?Ē He puts up giant nets around the boats to keep people away until he can get them loaded.

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