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13 June 2002 - 8:20 pm

I didnt have a very good relationship with my family when I was younger. My brother and I fought like rabid dogs, and I seemed to always be angry at my dad. I got along OK with my mom, but it was just that: OK. Nowadays my brother and I are like, well, brothers. Mom and I chat every night online and laugh at just how much alike we are. And I finally realize what a terrific dad I have.

I lived with him for a while after High School, and although we got along well, it still wasnt great. Then I moved back to Vegas, and grew up a little more. I found myself saying, I wish Id listened to Dad. That hurt. Id spent a good part of my life being mad at him, but I never really understood why he did the things he did. He didn't want his kids to go thru a bloody custody battle. He sacrificed his time with us, to save us from some pretty jacked-up stuff that probably would have landed us in therapy. Sooner.

And sometimes it makes me sad to think that theres little chance that Ill actually have a child of my own. And it tears my heart out to think that I wont get the chance to be half the Dad that mine is to me.

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