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15 September 2002 - 8:17 pm

The single most jacked-up, weirdest dream I’ve ever had.

Fuzzy-grey and I were on a tower. We were on the North side of the tower … I could tell because the blinking lights were on our side, and blinking lights are only on the North side. Some psycho is on the roof with us, and we’re trying to stop him. We take a couple of swings at each other with our knives, but we’re really good fighters and neither one of us is scoring a hit. He gets away from me and grabs Fuzzy. I chase after him, but before I can get to them he stabs her and goes away. I run up to her and she’s wounded pretty bad, so I pick her up and realize I have to carry her down 84 flights of stairs. At this point, I’m really worried. I look down at her and Fuzzy’s not Fuzzy anymore, Fuzzy’s a Triscuit. So I cradle her in my hands and run like hell, skipping two and three stairs at a time. I finally get down to the bottom floor and I rush into a crowd of people at a frat party and scream, “Is there a doctor here?” and conveniently enough there is. So we examine Fuzzy, and she’s got a little tiny knife wound. I can tell it’s her, and not another Triscuit, because she’s got two black lines on her edge. She’s hurt bad, and the only thing we can do is lock her in a Tupperware container with this healing fluid and hope for the best. At this point all I can do is wait, so I go walking thru the new terrarium that’s opening up. Me and some of my agents from work are getting a free tour of the complex, but we’re not allowed to smoke cuz it will kill the flora. There’s a little tiny floating ship that glides by with a skinny Santa jumping around on it. We sit down and watch Star Wars for a while. I’m jumpy … anxious to get back to Fuzzy and see how she’s doing. It’s finally time to go check on her and we all crowd thru a door into a small room, waiting for another door to open up and allow us thru to see Fuzzy. I’m being crowded and pushed and someone knocks be down and I yell, “Jeezus Krist, would you get the fuck away from me, you fucking assholes!” They all pause. They all take a step away from me. “Thank you” as I pull myself off the floor. I go in to see Fuzzy, but the Tupperware container is empty. I’m in a panic trying to find my little Triscuit, searching everywhere for her. I crawl over to the bed, and I see a Triscuit lying on the floor. It’s broken in half, and has a black line on each piece. I start to scream, and then realize that she may have escaped from the Triscuit, or maybe there’s another Triscuit with two black lines on it. So I begin the search again, this time looking under the bed. I get on my belly and slide under it, and the floor is covered with Triscuits. "Don't you filthy motherfuckers ever clean?" I make my way under the bed and out the other side, and when I crawl out from under it, I realize that Fuzzy is right there. I say, “There you are” and call to her, and she turns around and she’s an orange Tabby cat now, and I know it’s her because she rubs her head on my hands and licks my fingers.


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