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23 July 2003 - 6:36 am

Today I wonder if Iím crazy. Full on straight-jacket-padded-room crazy. Iíve been melancholy all day, and just feel Blah. It feels like somethingís crawling on my legs, but thereís nothing there. Iím feeling the need to simplify my life, but that may be because Iím feeling overwhelmed. Too much is going on. I have a hard enough time keeping track of whatís happening on a daily basis, but now there are people expecting things of me, and Iím afraid Iím going to disappoint them. Right now I canít seem to tell people ďNo.Ē Earlier my stomach ached and I was thinking of not going on my morning walk with my co-worker, but when she came over to get me I couldnít tell her I didnít want to go.
If youíre looking to borrow money, now would probably be a good time to ask.

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