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01 August 2004 - 2:28 pm

Wow. I've been really bad at updating. But I have to agree with Fuzzy... there's nothing really exciting going on.

My doctor is trying a new combination of meds. I went off Zoloft because I was too apathetic, so he put my on Prozac. Hate Prozac. Didn't help with the depression and it killed my sex-drive. So the doc added Effexor to the list and raised my Wellbutrin dose from 300mg daily to 450mg daily. Now, that's just for the depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Add to that the 3 pills (twice daily) for my fatty liver and the pill I take for cholesterol, and that adds up to a fuckload of pills, especially in the morning. Greg called it "The Breakfast of Champions." I don't care how many pills I have to take, as long as they keep me sane.

Last weekend I went to L.A. with Karen to see a couple of plays. BITTER BIERCE performed by John Billingsley, and MISS MARGARIDA'S WAY performed by Bonita Friedericy (John's wife). Bonnie lost her voice the day before so we didn't get to see her show, but John was great. I'd heard of Ambrose Bierce, but I never knew he was so ... snatchy. It was fun! The best part of the weekend, though, was getting to hang out with John two nights in a row. He's a really nice guy, he was genuinely happy to meet us, and he reinforced my belief that TV and movie stars are just people. Our second night there, after his show, we invited him to dinner. There were a half-dozen of us there, mainly Enterprise fans. The worst part of the weekend was having to listen to two of these fanatics try to one-up each other. They were trying too hard, and in the process made themselves look pathetic. The rest of us were not impressed.

And the most happy-happy-joy-joy news? My brother's girlfriend is pregnant, and she's having twins! Mom, Dad and I are ecstatic, though Mom says that she's going to be Nana or Mèmé, NOT Grandma, thankyouverymuch.

OK, I take it back. Something exciting is going on. :D


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