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01 December 2002 - 11:25 am

My boyfriend is The Man. We went to the mall yesterday, looking for the new phones with camera attachments, and we decide to check out the Cingular kiosk. They've got the phone I want, they're the service that Fuzzy has, and I figure it'll just be easier to go with them. Sometimes I am so simple. {shakes head} They wanted a $750.00 deposit, and then $200.00 for the phone and camera. I told them I only had $500.00 to spend (can you believe I was actually going to pay that?!) and they were calling to see if they could get the deposit dropped. After about 15 minutes of waiting, they told me, "No."

So BF says he'll be right back, runs off, runs back, and says, "Come with me." So we go to the T-mobile kiosk, they charge me a $75.00 deposit, $75.00 for the phone and camera (it was 1/2 off) and $20.00 for a case and car charger. Total spent: $200.00. So we get it turned on, march back over to the Cingular kiosk, and take their picture. One girl was like, "Oh no you did not go buy a phone from someone else!" To which I replied, "Yes, I did. Cuz they only charged me a $75.00 deposit. Merry Christmas." And I waved and walked away. The most beautiful sound in the world? The assholes at the Cingular kiosk calling after me, "Wait! Come back!" {sigh} This holiday season is looking good.


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