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20 December 2003 - 3:20 am

I just had the weirdest friggin dream. An old friend of mine, one who broke my heart into pieces, showed up at my house. Let's call him "Sean". So, Sean comes over while my boyfriend isn't home, and he keeps coming on to me. He manages to get my clothes off, and moves in for a kiss, and then I push him off of me. I tell him that he's a bastard for thinking he can come back and pretend that everything is OK and that he can just hop right into my pants. He tells me that he's always loved me, and I tell him he's full of shit. He leaves. My boyfriend comes home and I tell him that Sean had come over. He gets insanely jealous and I tell him that nothing happened. Then he sees some pictures that Sean had left, of us kissing and laying naked together on the bed. I tell him that it didn't happen that way, but he doesn't believe. He walks over and slaps me across the face. It was the clearest thing that happened in that dream ... the sound his hand made on my cheek and the way it felt. Anyway, our relationship is strained after that. He's distant and I keep trying to make up, but he's not having any of it. Then one morning I wake up and he brings me breakfast in bed and he's all smiles. I think he's trying to poison me.

Fuzzy comes over a few days before Christmas, and she tells me that she'd love to trade presents, but her and BRE have decided that they want to be true to the spirit of Christmas so they're not opening their presents until Christmas morning. I told her it's OK if she takes hers home with her and puts them under her tree.

I'm in a spaceship on my way to a new planet, and one of the doctors on board comes to see me. She places a ring on my finger and tells me that I'll be participating in their war games. I try to take the ring off, but it causes excruciating pain. She presses a button on a control panel and a forcefield turn on. The ring is drawn to the forcefield and I can't move away from it. When we get to the planet I realize that the teenagers there are used for the wargames against their will. They have no choice but to fight. I manage to find the person in charge of this madhouse and free all the kids, and there's a great rebellion and it turns out that the war games were a perversion of the original sports that the kids used to play. So the games begin again and everything is great until people start to realize that the kids have been changed by the games, and it's not just a sport anymore. They were being forced to kill before, but now they enjoy it and the games are bloodier than before.


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