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05 February 2005 - 8:57 pm

Hey, guess what?! I'm updating. And if I update tomorrow, I'll still be updating more often then I did in 2004. Leave it to me to find a loophole in a New Year Resolution. (and yes, I'm sticking my tongue out at YOU, Mrs. K)

Open Mouth, Insert Shoetree

So I snapped at Greg the other day, over something completely stupid. I was playing Ultima Online and me and a couple people were trying to tame a Fire Beetle, and we kept dying. A lot. So I'm hyperfocused on the game and Greg had just gotten home so he's talking to me, but I wasn't listening to him. So then a tiny bit of my brain kicks in and scolds, "Hey, fucker, that's pretty shitty! He's talking to you and you're not even paying attention. Not even a little bit! So I think you should change that, eh?" So this tiny part of my brain engages my mouth and out pops, "Stop talking to me. I'm not listening. I keep dying and I'm frustrated and IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO STAY ALIVE LONG ENOUGH TO GET MY HORSE?!" FYI~ that last question was aimed at the game, because when that tiny portion of my brain realized what I'd said to my man, it lost consciousness. It still probably hasn't recovered. There should be a Cosmic Law that tiny parts of your brain should not be allowed to speak without direct supervision from a larger part of your brain. But then Anna Nicole wouldn't be nearly as funny, so maybe we're better off.
So to make it up to Greg, the next night we had a TV-free evening. (no, I didn't wait until the next night to apologize. that happened right away) I bought a CSI puzzle and we spent the night working on that. We had dinner on the floor, picnic style, and we had a great time. BTW, the puzzle ROCKS. You put it together to see the crime scene, then read the booklet for the story, then use your tools (UV light, included) to solve the crime. And yes, I felt kinda stupid when I tried to wipe a hair off a puzzle piece, and it turned out to be evidence.

Pictures of My Favorite Pussy

I love my kitty. Have I mentioned how much I love my kitty? I love my kitty so much that when I realized that I had drank too much milk and she couldn't reach what was in the bottom of the glass, I poured it into a smaller glass. I was walking back to my chair before I thought about what I'd done, and then I couldn't stop giggling. I'm almost as bad as Mrs. K ... almost. Anyway, our kitties cuddle. And they cuddle in the cutest positions! So here's where I go all "Mrs. K" on you.

Asleep in the laundry basket


Sprawled on the couch


It's gotta be the shoes

Demon Kitty 1

Demon Kitty 2

Sexy beotch

Still a sexy beotch

Wish I'd had this handy before I snapped at Greg

OK, now I'm bored. More later, I promise! :D


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