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12 June 2002 - 9:52 pm

Want to hear a story?

Boy A meets boy B. Boy A and boy B become best friends. Boy A falls for boy B. Boy B breaks boy A’s heart by telling him it would never work because they are Just Friends. Capital J. Capital F. Many tears flowed forth from boy A. Boy B decides, many days later, that it could work with boy A. Boy A dates boy B. Boy A imagines that everything is wonderful, even though he knows on some level that boy B doesn’t really want a serious committed relationship with boy A. It’s not hard to figure out, partially because when anyone mentions that boy A and boy B are boyfriends, boy B lays a brick. Sideways. Boy A decides that it’s not doing anyone (especially himself) any good to pretend that everything is bright and shiny so he breaks up with boy B. Not as many tears from boy A, but now boy A is somewhat broken. Again, many days go by and boy A and some others go celebrate boy B’s birthday with him. Boy A and boy B have a “moment” and boy B kisses boy A. Boy A asks, “Why? Why this? Why now?” Boy B replies, “Because I think maybe you’re the one.”

Why does my life have to be so friggin complicated? I know better than to have another go, cuz chances are it's just gonna end up bad. Again. But then my heart starts screaming, because he's the one that makes me smile.


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