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05 July 2002 - 5:04 pm

I haven't really had the ambition to write the last couple of days. I look back on all the fun I had in MI, and I wonder how I can get all of it written. I can't, so I'll hit the highlights.

I was in a wedding. My best friend from high school got married, and the groomsmen all got T-shirts that say, "I was in C and M's wedding, and all I got was a lousy T-shirt and a hangover" and across the back is their name in big letters. It's my new favorite shirt. If I could wear it to work, I would. Every day.

I kissed one of the other groomsmen on the cheek, to the delight of the wedding party.

I had dinner with my old co-workers. I miss them a lot. They were, and still are, a constant source of laughter. "Nah-i?"

I hung out with my dad, and I realize we have a lot more in common than I'd thought. I love him that much more.

My brother has cool friends.

I wish Fuzzy-grey had been there with me.

On the way back from MI, I saw Supercilious in the airport in Cleveland. Funny.


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