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25 December 2003 - 7:59 pm

Happy Chrimmas!

I'm in Salt Lake City tonight, spending the holiday with my partner's family. I was told by Grandma that there was no way I was *not* going to be here. Which is cool, cuz Grandma is a Classy Lady, and to hear Greg talk about her you'd think she was the Bride of All That is Evil, but I've gotten along with her from day one. In fact his whole family has welcomed me with open arms. Aside from spending it with my own family, this is the best way to spend the holiday.

Both of my paternal grandparents died at Christmas-time; my Grandpa actually died December 25, 1992. Add to that a string of devastatingly disappointing Christmases and the fact that I'm a pagan, and well ... it hasn't exactly been my favorite holiday. So this year it was nice to be plunged into the holiday spirit, kicking and screaming. I love these people as my new family. :D

Happy Chrimmas, all!


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