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30 March 2004 - 7:48 pm

I know, I know! Itís been forEVER since I updated. Iím a bad person. But itís ok, Iím back now.

I went to the Sci-Fi convention this past weekend in Pasadena with Karen. We had a blast. We were meeting people there that she knows from online, and I was hoping to run into my friend Dee (who lives here in Vegas). We arrived in town Saturday night and met Karenís friends for dinner.

Iíd like to take a moment to let everyone know that Yes, Iím a Star Trek Geek. I hadnít realized how much of a Geek until I started hanging out with Karen. She got me watching Enterprise every week, and during our discussions I was forced to accept the fact that I am indeed a Trekkie. I have technical manuals, action figures, starship models, star charts and, sadly, a Klingon-English dictionary. These were all purchased over the span of 2 decades, so it was quite a shock to step back and take inventory.

On Sunday we met for coffee and headed over to the convention center. Karen, in her infinite wisdom, packed sunscreen. So this marks the first time Iíve ever gone to California and not burned my shiny, bald head.
ADD sidenote: Karen got the giggles when we saw the exit ramp for Mount Baldy. Iím glad she was entertained.
We met Karenís friends, and we met my friends, and we had a great time. There are two occurrences that were exceptionally Supah Sweet. One was participating in my first auction. I was bidding on a program from the last Las Vegas convention, and won it for $115.00. The program has 41 signatures on it Ė most of the cast from the original series thru Enterprise, plus some from various sci-fi shows. The other memorable event happened while I was waiting for my new friends to get the autograph of Connor Trinneer. Connor was in the Zone (sign a pic, shake hands, ďHey how ya doin?Ē, sign a pic, shake hands, ďHey how ya doin?Ē) and Dominic Keating came in and snuck in line. When it was his turn in line, he pulled his pants down and stuck his butt on the table. Connor looked up, groaned, and gave it a couple of swipes with a silver Sharpee. Then Dominic turned around and showed us his autographed rump. (Karen got about 14 pictures. Iíll let ya know if any come out.)
So the weekend turned out pretty good. I have some new online friends, and I had a great time.

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