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22 February 2003 - 9:22 pm

Today was fun. Greg and I were on our way out to do some shopping and at a stoplight an SUV pulled along side of us. The kid driving was only about 17, and he had 3 friends with him around the same age. He shouted out to me, but I couldn't hear him - both of us had our radios up loud. He turned his down, and I did mine, then looked over at him again.

"Brothers," he said.
"What?" I replied.
"Are you guys brothers? You have the same hair cut."
"No. Close." {sidenote: We don't have the same haircut. I'm shaved and he's got about 1/4" of hair}
"Not brothers? You guys doing the same style with the hair?"
"No," I said and smiled at him.
"...Are you gay?"
Four pair of eyes slowly slid back to the road, and he reached down and turned his radio back up.

There are days when I absolutely LOVE being a fag.


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