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11 August 2003 - 12:17 pm

I went to my shrink today. Lately my motivation is lower than normal and my distractability level is maxed out.

So. This being my first meeting with my shrink, he asks me some standard questions.
"Apples and oranges, what are they?"
{blank stare - I wonder if he's making a fag joke} "Fruit."
"Piano and guitar, what are they?"
"What does the phrase 'No use crying over spilled milk' mean?"
"Don't worry about something you can't change."
"Do people actually have problems answering those?"
He smiles, "Yes."

So then we talk about how the Zoloft is affecting me, and what I'd like to change about it. He tells me he's going to have me try Wellbutrin. The W should counteract the side effects of the Z, so my sex drive should return to normal and the W will help with my ADD. Yay! And I ask him if the W is stronger than the Z and he says, "Well, that's like comparing apples and oranges" and I yell, "Fruit!"

So I'll go back in two weeks and find out if I'm still crazy. HA.


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